Staying Safe Playing

I am an electrician, but I also play basketball when I can get the time. In fact, I am training my daughter and my son to play basketball too, and then we can become the basketball family. Although we do it for fun and exercise, we take it very seriously. That is why we consider all the safety measures, just as I do when I am doing electrical jobs.

If you look at statistics, you will see that close to 1 million injuries occurring on the basketball courts find their way into the hospital’s emergency room. It is easy to see why this happens. One of the reasons is that basketball is a close contact sport and so, whether deliberately or not, you will eventually get an elbow in your ribs.

Don’t worry about the ribs though because stats show that the most common basketball injuries happen to the legs, especially to the knee, calf and ankle. However, if you love your game, you will be happy to know that it is quite possible to avoid even such injuries. The best thing is to look for basketball safety tips such as the ones that I will share with you here.

Know your health status

Health specialist with a young boy patient

Maybe you have a bad heart and you do not know, or maybe your lungs cannot take the exertion and the need for air that comes with playing basketball. In this case, it is always good to see a physician to give you or your child a clean bill of health before you can play basketball. This involves them doing a physical on the children, ensuring that their bodies can handle the strain. In case they have to, they will limit the hours that your children can play on the court. It is best to obey the instructions of the physician.

Wear the right gear always

As we have said, the most common basketball injuries involve the knees and the ankles. Thus, when you are buying your gear, remember to include basketball knee pads. These will  leave your skin intact even if you take a nasty fall.

You also need the right shoes. This is very important because shoes can prevent you from falling. They must have the right arch support, and the cushioning must be correct. Above all, the traction must be perfect because there will be many missed steps on the court.

Young boys playing in the court

Basketball is a high-speed game, everything happens at the nick of time. Thus, if your shoes cannot bear the brunt, they could cause your serious falls.

Make sure the shoes fit. If they are too large, your foot could slip inside the shoe. They should also be flexible so that they bend and straighten with the movement of the foot.

Good preparation before a game

Knotted muscles occur when you take to a game of basketball without due warmup and preparation. You must always do some stretching exercises to prepare for the game.
If you aim to come out of that field with your muscles and limbs intact, stretch out before getting on the court. Basketball injuries are common, but these safety tips can help you prevent their occurrence.

For the Contest

When you are a basketball guard, whether you are a shooting guard, a point guard or a forward, you have to move with agility. You have to beat your opponent out of his dribble and pull off those smooth jumps. However, without the right gear, this is not going to happen. One of the most important gear for a basketball guard is the shoes.

Having played basketball myself for some time now, I know that off all the gear that you need for playing, the shoes play the biggest role. They have to be just perfect, no doubts about that.

When you are on the court, things do get a bit hectic. You are tall, well, most of the time anyway, and the speed at which you move may cause some instability to your tall figure. However, I do not mean that you cannot play basketball if you are short. You can! It is just that you would really have minimal chances against hunks the size of LeBron or O’Neal.

When you are waltzing around on the court with the ball in and out of your fingers, you need a lot of stability. If not, you can come tumbling down easily, like the tower of Babel. Thankfully, the best basketball shoes for guards are made with this in mind. Thus, their traction, ankle support and traction is out of this world. Check out this page for more details: https://www.ballersguide.net/best-basketball-shoe-reviews/for-guards/

When searching for the best basketball shoes, you will find that there are so many of them. All of them say they are the best. Thus, if this is your first time to buy one, you may find it a bit of a quagmire trying to wade through the adverts and all. However, I will help you get the right shoes for guards. I will review two of them here that you can buy in confidence.

But first, what are the main things to look for in a good basketball shoe?


This is very important. You see, basketball is a very hectic sport, where you are always on the move. If the cushioning is bad, well, it could blister your feet in such a way that they look like grilled lobster.

I guess cushioning in a shoe is not only a concern for sports shoes makers, but it is also a big deal maker or breaker for hiking, camping, trekking, regular work and other types of shoes.

Thankfully, if you choose a good pair of basketballers, you will find that cushioning is not only ample, but it is also quite responsive. When you bend your foot, it bends. When you jump, it almost propels you into the air. That is the power of cushioning.

Track control

Need we say anything about this? Basketball courts are a bit on the smooth side of things. Thus, you need a good pair of shoes that can hold its own. Good traction is the norm in any pair of basketball shoes, so you need not bother yourself about that at all.

We could go on and on, but when you do buy your shoes, make sure they are true to size. That way, your foot does not “play” inside the shoes. 

Here are two shoes for basketball guards to consider buying:

Adidas Harden Vol 2 Men’s

Adidas Harden Vol 2 Men’s

Adidas is not a new name in sports. This brand has gained the trust of millions of fans and players for decades, thanks to their consistency in quality. The Men’s Harden Vol 2 is a marvel of engineering, technology and artwork. It is very appealing to the eyes. It has some unique boost technology in the cushions, traction is up to point and you will be able to make step backs, crossovers and other moves with confidence.


  • Advanced lacing system
  • Good custom fit
  • Very comfortable on the feet
  • Good stability and power in your moves
  • Breathability is great


  • Lacks good ankle support
  • A bit heavier than other models

Nike Air Jordan XXXI Low Men’s

Nike Air Jordan XXXI Low Men’s White

Named after Michael Jordan, one of basketball’s greatest of all time, this is a great looking shoe for basketball guards. But looks is not all that there is to it. It also offers good support, great cushioning and like the person it was named after, it inspires confidence, courage and power. It is without doubt one of the best basketball shoes for ankle support, thanks to the high arch support. Visit this page for more information.


  • Good arch support
  • Excellent traction
  • Comfortable cushioning
  • Creates a customized fit feel when you wear it


  • It is costly
  • Can be a bit stiff when new

Looking for a basketball shoe for flat feet? Visit ballersguide.net.

Cleaning the Shoes

Pile of rubber foot wear

I bought two pairs of basketball shoes last week. I guess I now qualify to be termed a basketball aficionado, well, because I watch basketball more than I play anyway, but I do play. And the time I put in on the basketball court is important to me. That is why I could not skimp on an opportunity to buy a good pair of shoes.

When I was growing up, my dad and I dunked the stress out of our systems. I would like to pass the same to my kids. 

If you have ever bought a pair of basketball shoes, whether for guards or for ankle support, well, you know they cost a lot of money. At the least, they will cost you tens of dollars. However, some brands even cost hundreds of dollars. That is why you do not want the shoes to wear out fast.

Thankfully, with some good care, your basketball shoes can last a long time. This is why I decided to gather some tips for cleaning basketball shoes, to help me keep the shoes in topnotch condition all the time.

Helpful tips for cleaning the shoes

Clean the shoes after every game

Person brushing the shoes

One thing… always clean the shoes after every game. Well, they might not have any visible dirt on them, but even when they look clean, if you have been sweating in the shoes, they are dirty!

Thus, you should clean them to reduce the overall odor. Besides, it is good habit to always store your gear when it is clean as that enhances its lifespan.

When you have had an intense session of basketball, you also want to check the shoes for damages before storing them. There is no better time for that than when cleaning the shoes.

If the shoes are dirty …

This usually depends on the place where you were playing your game, with some courtyards being real dirty. If you see dust and mud on the shoes, it is important that you give them a thorough going over. That way, you will notice many things about the shoes.

One of the places is to check under the shoes, on the treads. If there is dirt and pebbles lodged between the treads, you can lose traction easily on the court. You can use a blunt object to dislodge the stuck dirt.

For any dried on mud on the upper part of the shoes, just use a soft-bristled brush to remove it. You should also use the same brush on the soles. Scrub the shoes before you can soak the shoes in water.

To clean the shoes in water

Finally, you get to clean the shoes in water. Soak them in a basin with warm water, and add a dash of mild laundry detergent, that is, if the shoes are made of textile. If they are made of leather, you will need to add a dash of leather cleaner to the warm water.

For the dirtiest spots on the shoe, scrub them with a sponge soaked in the cleaner. Otherwise, just soak the shoes and clean them out. Remove the insoles too and clean them thoroughly especially as they carry the smell causing bacteria.

Rinse the shoes and the insoles and hang them to dry in room temperature.